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Help Wanted

We are looking for directors, cinematographers, and producers who work in digital video, that are based in Chicago who are willing to be featured and provide subject matter expertise.

As we write features about producers, directors, screenwriters and cinematographers, we’ll be exploring the following questions: How has digital filmmaking and internet distribution changed in the last 5 years? Where are the indy films? What is Chicago’s filmmaking scene like? Who are the local directors and producers? What are the local resources? What viral videos have come from Chicago? Where are the local, grassroots film festivals? What is the Chicago “version” of the digital filmmaking revolution and internet film distribution?”

If you’re a Chicago filmmaker, and you have your boots on the ground – making movies and trying to find distribution – you should write to us, tell us about yourself and what your projects and plans are. We’ll sort through the responses and conduct interviews and write features about the people who contact us. If you’re also a writer and you want to write it yourself, then by all means, throw it by us and we’ll provide editorial support.