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Chicago DIY Film is a part of the Chicago Art Machine: a Network of Arts and Culture Sites. We have a full ad sales staff, and if you contact chicagoartmagazine -at-g m a i l dot  com, we can get you in touch with someone.

HOWEVER, as the site is new, and we like to have ads that are so cheap that even artists and filmmakers can afford them, we offer last minute deals on eBay.  This is our Store.

Sponsored Posts

500 words and four images about your venue, product, or event. Either submit copy you’ve created yourself, or work with one of our third-party providers.  Once posted, it is pushed to Facebook, Twitter and other means of social networking. Our total following is over 10,000 “followers,” “friends,” email subscribers, etc.

A sponsored post is the best sponsorship position on the site. Sponsored posts are labeled as such, but get the same traffic as regular posts. Readers spend an average of two minutes on the page, meaning they actually read it. Each image, when clicked on, expands to full size (up to 800 x 800 pixels).


(images expand to full size when clicked on)

Sidebar Ads

One cool thing we’ll be able to do is put video clips on the sidebar. So think about it – you trailer, on our homepage, for weeks .. for $50! (If you can grab an eBay deal).

For more formal advertising agreements, please go to and calculate 50% discount off those list prices during October. Our rule is that traffic controls the price, so in October, the ads are cheaper. But once we start selling out, we raise the prices and keep testing what the market can bear.