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Chicago Food Film Festival

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The Second Annual Chicago Food Film Fest will be held November 18-20, 2011, with most events taking place at Kendall College, and one at Intelligentsia Roasting Works. Also, for the first time this year, the Chicago Food Film Fest will be hosting a film competition, with the winners showcased at the Awards Ceremony Lunch at noon on November 20. (For ticket information, click here.) In honor of this year’s festival, here’s our piece originally posted on September 20, 2010, highlighting the fest’s inaugural year:

Yolanda Green

Film and food – I think anyone would agree that those two things make a great combination. Well, lucky for us, the Chicago Food Film Festival will be dedicated to both later this month. The idea originated from filmmaker George Moltz (“Hamburger America”) and cook Harry Hawk, a man famous for the Motz Burger at NYC’S Water Taxi Beach. Bringing both of their professions together, they first created the NYC Food Film Festival, which is now approaching its 5th year run and they will be starting the Chicago Film Festival for the first time this year. The goals of the festival are simple – to present the best food and filmmakers from around the world. George Moltz says, “I wanted to create a place where the filmmaker is honored. Food making is like filmmaking – they are both a process that requires dedication and passion. This festival was created to honor both of these passions.”

Chicago Food Film Festival 2010 Trailer

For this year’s inaugural fest in Chicago, the creators picked a few of their favorite films and award winners from past festivals in New York.  The fest calls for exceptional films that tell a compelling narrative about food subjects that can be recreated in front of a large crowd. For instance, “Beer Wars” by director Anat Baron, a film that CNN called “a David and Goliath story,” will explore the U.S. beer industry and the hardships of corporate America. Another film entitled “Eat Your Fill” by Mark Irving will chronicle a man’s quest to eat anything and everything deep fried or on a stick at the Wisconsin State Fair. What a mission!

NYC Food Film Festival. Copyright. All rights reserved by NYC Food Film FestIval

After watching some great these great and informative works of film, hungry guests will be treated to some of the delicious foods they’ve watched on screen. describes it as “a multi-sensory, full-bodied experience.” This year’s festival menu includes oysters, baked pies, exotic sodas, as well as signature burgers from Chicago. When asked why the Food Film Festival was brought to Chicago, Moltz explains, “Chicago is a great food city and the people of Chicago know how to eat. They also get out and do things, like New Yorkers. It was the obvious next step in food film world domination.”

Although the fest this month functions as an exhibition, there will be a film competition for the 2011 Chicago Food Film Festival. This festival will take place in the spring and applications will be available then. This year, the Chicago Food Film Festival will last two days – Friday, September 24th through the 25th. It will be located at the MCA Warehouse on 1747 West Hubbard Street. Tickets are $30 and you can order online at


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