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Dance Marathon (2010, 100’), the latest feature film by the  director Magdalena Lazarkiewicz, will be shown during the Popular Opening Night of the 23nd Polish Film Festival in America (PFFA), the largest annual Polish cultural event outside of Poland.

The screening (Polish with English subtitles) will take place at the Pickwick Theater (5 S. Prospect Ave #1, Park Ridge), November 5, 2011 at 7:00pm.

In provincial Polish town in Lower Silesia, the outdoor event brings the excitement amongst the town’s community.  The dance contest and the spectacular price of 50 thousand zl attract the town residents and help revealing their inner desires and dreams. Everyone has an important   reason to be there; some are tempted to see the superstar Dzessika, others dream of winning the Big Prize. Even Father Damian who dances with Sister Cesaria…. So, who will be the lucky winner of the marathon, and whose dreams will come true? Could it be that two strangers and weirdoes who appear in town, Szymus and Sylwus are capable of doing miracles?

Throughout the perspective of the small town community, Magdalena Lazarkiewicz in her latest feature exposes the truth about the density of human nature. Hopeless desire of fulfilling the   dreams portrayed here in rather bittersweet manner sounds familiar to many and becomes soon recognizable within the premises of ourselves.

Dance Marathon plot bears a strong resemblance to 1969 Sydney Pollack’s Oscar-nominated drama They Shoot Horses, Don’t They? which delivered a smashing performance by Jane Fonda, and similarly focused on a disparate group of characters  desperate to win a dance marathon. However, contrary to the American production, Magda Lazarkiewicz’s film is a bitter comedy.

The movie showcases exceptional performances by  two most talented Polish actresses of young generation: Joanna Kulig and Olga Frycz.

Director, Magdalena Lazarkiewicz will be a guest of the Popular Opening Night.


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