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20% Discount on Sony Vegas Pro Fast Start/Bootcamp Workshop 11/11

November 7, 2011 | By | Add a Comment

For independent filmmakers who are PC owners, it can be tricky finding good video editing software. Avid recently laid off 200 people and its position as the go-to editing software for the professional industry is on shaky ground, and Avid is widely viewed as an expensive program that has barely been updated in the last 15 years.

Many PC users who want to stick with track video editing are now choosing to move to Adobe’s Premiere Pro 5.5, which is almost an exact clone of Final Cut Pro 7′s interface and functionality. But if you are now exclusively shooting on HDSLR cameras, you will be sorely frustrated by Premiere Pro’s two option for syncing HDSLR video to dual system audio: either syncing manually or purchasing Plural Eyes, third party syncing software that works well in FCP7, but is an absolute nightmare in Premiere Pro 5.5. Neither of these syncing options is easy nor quick. So what is a PC user to do? The landscape for video editing on the PC platform looks dire, but thanks to Sony’s PC-based video editing software, Vegas Pro 11, users can have their native HDSLR and track editing, and easy syncing in the program itself too. Vegas has been a favorite of PC-based video editors for years because of its rich toolset, snappy workflow, and user friendly, clean editing interface.

Local Chicago production company, 20K Films, has partnered their 20K Labs digital filmmaking workshops withVASST professional software training company, to offer a Sony Vegas Pro Fast Start / Bootcamp workshop here in Chicago on November 11. Jeffrey P. Fisher, who designed the certification program for Sony Vegas, will be the Workshop instructor.

Right now, we are offering a 20% discount for the workshop because we’re so happy to bring this great workshop and instructor here to Chicago. To sign up, visit the course description page

And use DISCOUNT CODE DIYCHI when checking out.


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