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Little Mexico Film Fest: 10/21-10/22

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LiMe Film Fest is an event dedicated to the presentation of short films, new media workshops, recordedlive performances and a short film making contest that will be held in Little Village (“La Villita”). The South Lawndale community known as La Villita is a vibrant and primarily Mexican-American represented neighborhood on the southwest side of Chicago with over 100,000 residents. Our primary intent is to offer an open platform as an expressive outlet in the form of an extracurricular activity in order to have meaning shared amongst the youth and community at large. We especially want involvement from middle schools, high schools, and colleges. The festival will include the participation of different local organizations including theĀ Little Village Chamber of Commerce, ENLACE Chicago, Universidad Popular, Little Village Community Council, LVEJO (Little Village Environmental Justice Organization), Central States SER, National Museum of Mexican Art, Chicago Arts Partnership in Education, Chicago Park District, Open Youth Networks, Digital Youth Network, Free Spirit Media and other interested social community groups or individuals. Also, it is an opportunity to celebrate, promote and be prideful of the Mexican culture so deeply rooted within the community and its residents. Last year the festival helped celebrate the significance of both the bi-centennial Mexican Independence anniversary and the centennial Mexican Revolution anniversary by hosting the event in late October and choosing its Soul Revolution theme to symbolically serve as a reminder to all participants of what is possible when responsible action is supported by belief. The Soul Revolution theme was a concept that was wholly focused on the personal revolt against complacency and an opportunity to promote self-development artistically. This year the film fest has chosen the theme of the invasion of privacy. The theme serves only as the basis for this year’s logo and content requirement for the short film making contest as the film fest itself serves as an open platform for self expression, all while leaving a welcoming pathway for current and future generations to continue the intent of the festival.


The Little Mexico Film Festival’s purpose is to create and continually develop a film media society rooted in Little Village that directly serves the Chicagoland area residents, whose members are linked by the mutual interest of presenting audio-visual techniques in the form of a short film or live recorded presentation to inspire successive collaborative works and future film making ventures for forthcoming festival members, all while leaving open a welcoming platform for current and future generations to continue the intent of the project.


Immediate: Broaden opportunities for youth to engage in constructive activities; Provide real life resume quality experience; Open new doors for people both inside and outside the local community to get involved in cinema.

Intermediate: To inspire multi-generations to create audio-visual works; Expand the participation of a mix of (2-3) more schools, organizations or foreign countries to participate in each of the successive years festivals.

Long-term: Enhance the community’s quality of life; Maintain the project’s integrity and continue to have the festival be figuratively owned by the community; Create a Little Village art collaborative to organize efforts to complement other community initiatives or business development efforts.

Little Mexico Film Fest 2011:

Oct 21-22

Little Village Lawndale High School. 3120 S. Kostner Ave.


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