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Lion VS Gorilla: The Really Reel Film Fest

August 15, 2011 | By | Add a Comment

Lion VS Gorilla is a Chicago-based gallery concept with a mission of encouraging collaboration, fostering community, and challenging barriers between artists and viewers.  We believe that art should be rowdy, that people should fight for it, and that viewing should never be passive.   Lion VS Gorilla is proud to announce our next show, to be held at the Fulton Street Collective on 8/20/2011 from 8pm to roughly 1am, entitled:

4re(e/a)lz1: The Really Reel Film Fest4 -or- Come watch experimental film and eat ice cream with us.*

*An outdoors-indoors film festival with hot fudge and bunnies.

1. { Translation: Four reels, for reals. 2LEGIT2QUIT.2

2. Hey Heeey!3

3. <Said in MC Hammer’s voice>

4. Or, The Lion VS Gorilla Film Fest. Your call.}

The gallery will be transformed into a lazy summer suburban backyard, with a grassy floor, gardens, lawn chairs and blankets, clotheslines, endless ice cream, and other delights. Musicians/sound artists have collaborated with filmmakers/video artists to create site-responsive, interactive, and experimental sound + video pieces. These pieces explore the tension between real VS virtual, recorded VS performed, and passive VS active viewing experiences. The Film Fest will begin promptly at 8:45pm and pieces will be shown sequentially, with one 20-minute intermission and/or ice cream sundae break. During the course of the evening, audience members will vote for their favorite piece and the winner will receive a trophy and endless adoration. Following the show, there will be a dance party and artists’ reception, featuring the musical stylings of the electropop duo, Pepepiano. There is a suggested donation of $10 at the door, and $7 in advance through our Kickstarter page (

Participating artists include:

Asha Tamirisi + Christopher Moore

Crispin Rosenkranz + Jordan Martin

Bryn McCoy + Jonathan Guillen

Lesley Gena + Marc Mozga

Jackie Bousek + Ryan Welsh

Charlie Megna + The Mode Ensemble

Sangbum Heo + Brett Cabanas

For more information about this show, or to schedule an interview with Jimmy or Heather, call (312) 550-2201 or (773) 401-8191 or email at


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