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Chicago-based Feature “In Bloom” Gathering Support

June 24, 2011 | By | Add a Comment

This feature length film is currently gathering support through an IndieGoGo campaign. Help out by clicking here.

IN BLOOM is a drama about the faltering relationship between two young gay men during a tumultuous Chicago summer.

Kurt and Paul have been together for nearly two years. When they first met, they were new to the ‘scene’ and the city life – both each others first loves. Now, Kurt is a popular pot dealer, while Paul works 40 hours a week at a local grocery store. It’s summer time, school’s out, and life is good… except that college kids are dropping dead; victims to a serial killer terrorizing the city.

Nevertheless, Kurt and Paul’s lives continue seemingly unaffected until one night, at a typical college rager, Kurt meets the gorgeous and single Kevin. Lust and stupidity get the best of them – there’s a kiss – and Kurt is then faced with the looming question: “Is there something more?”

In pursuit of the answer, Kurt finds himself walking a dangerous line between self destruction and personal revelation. As the end of summer draws near, Kurt begins to realize that rock bottom is closer then he imagined, and it may be too late to turn back.

IN BLOOM is a gritty, personal, and realistic look at the gay youth culture in present day Chicago. The film is a rare and painfully honest perspective on modern relationships and the universal emotion – love – that haunts us all.

Kevin Hartmann, Producer

Chris Michael Birkmeier, Writer/Producer

In Bloom – Indiegogo from Liberum Pictures on Vimeo.


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