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Columbia College Offers YouTube Program

March 13, 2011 | By | Add a Comment

In a course that makes underwater basket weaving look like rocket science, corporate sponsorship has crossed the line into  a publicity move to make it appear that Columbia Colleges curriculum now includes a class around making YouTube videos. The reality is that Columbia College is just hosting it.

But like Googleheim, there’s no mention of Vimeo or any other competitors, which is always frustrating, because Vimeo is what most artsy people use. (Maybe that’s the reason why they’re hitting the visual art and filmmaking vertical so hard – and not targeting musicians, for which is already the standard. )

Course will include:

How to Trick People into Watching Your Video Because They Think It’s About Something Else
How to Make content of Girls Making Kissy Faces at the Camera (cat videos is a pre-requisite)
How to Rattle On In Front of Your Webcam Instead of Showing How Something Should Be Done

Let the SEO-optimized revolution begin! The corporate overthrow will be televised!

Update: I went over the details with a reporter, and this is merely a corporate-sponsored contest. It’s free once you make it in. So that’s clearly more forgive-able than Columbia incorporating it into their paid curriculum. But this should be labeled as such…

Members of the YouTube Creator Institute Inaugural Class will:

  1. Earn a paid YouTube Creator Institute experience including: tuition, round-trip airfare, food and rooming costs.
  2. Learn from a newly-created new media curriculum while using new media tools.
  3. Engage intimately with world-class faculty, industry leaders, YouTube leaders, and top YouTube stars.
  4. Build a customized and upgraded brand channel, video blog on experiences, and start building a global audience.
  5. Produce a single piece of work–whether it be a talk show, nature video, short film, etc.–by the end of the program, to be promoted by YouTube and its partners.



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