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Magicpantz Filmz

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Magicpantz Filmz is the title of Mike Finch’s film/acting work; appropriately titled, his video work is a unique take on the comedy short, incorporating atmospheric settings with a hip appeal.  Although coming from a Fine Arts and Graphic Design background while at Columbia College Chicago (where Finch obtained his BA), Finch became increasingly interested in the film world, and after having tried his hand at film, found that he was quite good.  He started taking things seriously about becoming involved in the film industry in 1998 when he joined the arts collective Stationwagon Productions.  There, up until 2005, he honed his writing, production and directorial skills – not to mention acting, as he starred in his own comedy shorts at the time.  Although the Chicago based collective is no longer producing films, a collection of their work can be seen here.

MIKE FINCH demo reel from Magicpantz on Vimeo.

“During my time with Stationwagon I became increasingly interested in the filmmaking process. I decided the best thing for me as an actor and director was to learn how to edit and shoot,” says Finch. From there, he began branding his own company, with the creation of numerous short works under the name Magicpantz; writing, directing, starring and editing all became part of his responsibilities as a filmmaker.

Both having performed in, and having had experience in making commercial work, Finch’s shorts vary from exploratory comedy sketches to commercial advertising and music videos.  Past accomplishments include commercial shoots for Ford Motor Co. where Finch won the Ford Fiesta Commercial contest, and was allotted a $5000 budget to see his project through.

Ford Fiesta Challenge – “Cousins” from Magicpantz on Vimeo.

Many of his sketches are centered on current culture; the shorts taking a comedic spin on hip-hop and skateboarding- with an incentive for spoof work, based on pre-existing music, Finch shoots music videos that often include himself and friends dressed up as the musicians.  Lighthearted mocking is at the core of his work, which is often well produced and shot; Finch clearly has the ability to artistically envision all that the commercial film world has to offer.


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