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Diary of a Cyborg: a Documentary about lives in syncope

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Diary of a Cyborg is a documentary about people under the age of 25 living with Implanted Cardiac Defibrillators (ICDs). Since I have one, this project is autobiographical, offset by also focusing on another patient coping with the same device but different heart condition. While there are at least two primary heart conditions that warrant use of these devices for therapy, the film primarily focuses on how these devices effect the lives of the patients. Along with filming interviews and diary segments I interviewed doctors that deal with the physical side of the devices and surgery and one doctor conducting the leading research in PTSD and young patients with defibrillators.

This project began as a student project but is taking on a whole life of it’s own as what I hope to be a 45minute piece to submit for television and film festivals.

Diary of a Cyborg

Diary of a Cyborg

How will I do this?

This project has taken on more than I can handle on my own. I directed, produced, and focused the project on my own story, which ended up taking center stage as my defibrillator wound up ready for replacement during production. While I was able to edit together versions of it for review the final product would be best with fresh eyes.

Kickstarter donaations will be used for hiring an editor and paying for festival submissions as well as postage for sending the final product to TV stations (think PBS… or hell, maybe even HBO).

for more information visit:

this post is based on the film’s highly successful Kickstarter profile.


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