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Sacrificial Youth Celebrates Punk Lifestyle

January 16, 2011 | By | Add a Comment

Terrence Flamm

Joe Losurdo and Christina Tillman of Regressive Films created their 2007 documentary, You Weren’t There: The History Of Chicago’s Punk Scene 1977 -1984 to honor local hardcore bands like Tutu & The Pirates, The Effigies, Naked Raygun, and Articles Of Faith. Losurdo is now directing Sacrificial Youth, a full-length feature about a suburban teenager who leads a hardcore punk band. He also wrote the screenplay and the music. When Losurdo discussed the project with Chicago Tribune reporter Nina Metz on August 27th he said he hoped to finish the film by October. A recent post on Facebook calling for extras with minimal acting and dancing experience for a scene being shot on December 4th suggests Sacrificial Youth might be a bit off schedule. Losurdo told Metz the musical is being shot in a guerrilla-style that keeps the DIY punk spirit.


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