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Black Swan Chicago Premiere – 2 Free Passes for Tonight

November 29, 2010 | By | 1 Comment


We have 2 passes to the free screening tonight for one contest winner. However, even with a ticket, it’s general admission -they generally oversell tickets and this is going to be a hugely popular movie, 85% on Rotten Tomatoes so far. So they suggest you get in line a full hour before showtime to make sure you get a seat.

These tickets are so in demand, we can make you jump through trivia hoops.

How to enter our contest and get those tickets.

From 9:30 AM to noon, send one email to chicagoartmagazine -at -gmail dot com and answer these 4 questions. I’ll pick from the winning emails at 12:30 and contact the winner. I’m also going to put the emails on the monthly newsletter list, so if you’re not cool with that, don’t enter the contest.  (Although you can always unsubscribe from the newsletter).

Here are the 4 trivia questions. Do your best, if you’re not sure, enter anyway, and I’ll pick the highest scoring entries. And now, post-constest, with both best answer received and worst answer.  SPOILER ALERTS ABOUND.

1. In Pi, what is the ultimate remedy for his headaches?
Worst Answer: Chinese Acupuncture.
Lois, can you help us out with Best Answer?
He drills a hole in his head, his temple.

2. What is amputated in “Requiem for a Dream”
Worst Answer: His excuses for not pursuing his dreams.
Holy crap, that’s no even close.
Harry’s arm, too much shooting up of Heroin
3. What small round object is lost early on in the movie “The Fountain”
Worst answer: An oreo cookie!
Sweet mother of donuts, do you even know who Aronofsky is?
Best answer: Dr.Tom Cero’s wedding ring
4. What Aronofsky film features a father wishing to reconcile with his daughter?
Worst answer: The Negative Feedback Loop of Family Systems.

I don’t even know what that answer means.
Lois, can you bring it on home?
“The Westler”
Thank you, Lois and the others who also answered correctly. We’ll see you at the show, I’m wearing a black cotton dress with high boots and am attending with a small posse.


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    I’ll take two, please.

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