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Little Village Film Festival

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Little Village Film Festival
10.23.2010 – 10.24.2010

OBJECTIVE. To establish a community of audio-visual filmmakers, to create a space for audio-visual room, and start acting!

LVFF is a presentation of short films through community workshops and performances of film that will be held in Little Village (“la Villita”), is a vibrant and strong Mexican-American neighborhood on the Westside of Chicago, with over 100,000 residents.

Our primary goal is to provide information relevant to the youth and student community. We especially want involvement from middle schools, high schools, and colleges.

The festival will include the participation of different local organizations, including the Little Village Community Council, ENLACE Chicago, LVEJO (Little Village Environmental Organization, and other community forces. Also, it is the perfect opportunity to celebrate the centennial of the Mexican Revolution, a revolt that is wholly artistic, cultural, and spiritual for current and future generations.

1. LVFF has been created in order to raise awareness in the community by using film as a resource to communicate, share, and explore the noble language of cinematography.

2. The award ceremony will be held in Farragut Career Academy located in the 2345 S Christiana Ave, Chicago Illinois 60623.

3. CATEGORIES and FORMATS. Short films will be accepted in the following categories: short film documentary, short film fiction, music video, and short film animation. Films can be in any format, with any date of production, and can’t be up to 30 minutes long (including credits).

5. THEME. Films can be of any theme. However, material containing explicit and vulgar language will not be accepted.

6. RECEPTION. Materials must be received at the Cathedral Café located at 2500 s. Christiana Ave. Chicago IL 60623 between 8:00 a.m. to 9:00 pm.

VOLUNTEERS. We are excited to make this festival a reality for our community, and we need you help! We need people who are inspired to support our community and the film industry.

For more information contact us to our website


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